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Services for Retailers

Self-service and Information Kiosks

Placing information kiosk in a bottle shop may be a good idea. The kiosk will attract customers' attention and will recommend the wine they would like. The entire assortment of the shop with handy navigation, with search and with full product information is exactly what the customer need to make a choice. Your happy customers will return again if your shop able to recommend the wine they like.

According to our research all customers ready to ask a consultant in a bottle shop. Furthermore, not all consultants know the shop as their five fingers. The information kiosk will solve these difficulties, but not only. The kiosk is a powerful platform for marketing campaigns and promotion of the products.

We will install and configure the kiosks by ourselves and will support them all the time.

What we offer?

How it works?

  1. Call, e-mail or use online form for contacting us
  2. Our specialist will contact you for details and will meet you if required
  3. Working through the contract terms and the contract signing
  4. We will provide access to the tools for managing shop assortment and remainders
  5. If we lack of some information, then we will take a photo of wine bottle and will enter additional information in Graperis System
  6. Installation of the kiosks
  7. Ongoing support and replacing of the kiosks