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Business Intelligence for Sales

Analysis of business, wine sales and your customers will help to determine the pain points for your company. Using accurate mathematical instruments and Business Intelligence tools you will receive more profit from each customer, gain the new customers and optimise the business.

Make your business smarter and reduce your expenses. Everything is possible with BI tools from Graperis!

What we offer?

How it works?

  1. Call, e-mail or use online form for contacting us
  2. Our specialist will contact you for details and will meet you if required
  3. Working through the contract terms and the contract signing
  4. Our specialist will research your situation and will offer a strategy of the business data gathering and reporting
  5. Configuration of the Graperis BI tools for your company needs
  6. We will provide access to the reports for your sales professionals
  7. Ongoing support for reports and data gathering