About Graperis

Wine remains a mystery for many. Coming into a shop, the buyer gets lost in an abundance of labels and has a hard time choosing. Top wine lists, awards and professional opinions don’t make it through the shop doors. The Graperis team will change this forever.

There is no service that helps you choose a good wine based on the taste and what’s in a bottle — not what’s on a label. The challenge of choosing the right wine occurs for customers in restaurants, cafés, liquor shops and online shops. Wine enthusiasts, who are planning a foray into a wine region, face the same challenge.

So a service that helps to choose a wine will be desirable for a huge number of wine drinkers. The service will take a number of factors into consideration, including taste, availability and type of event.

Just imagine a free mobile application, a website, self-service kiosks at points-of-sale and B2B tools with a web interface. All this will guide customers and will help retailers.

We are proud to announce services that will get this job done. We are offering a unique opportunity to take part in the project on the edge of technology and winemaking.

You are welcome to join us in this journey!